About us

What touches us and catches our eye is not necessarily and solely related to aesthetics.

There are architectures that can be admired like beautiful suits but leave you indifferent.

There are places that display splendor but whose heart is dry.

There are ambiences that want to be joyful and festive but are empty of love.

Over time and along our routes, we have sought to go beyond these empty illusions. The places that thrill us are the ones that deserve our attention. Thus, in each of our travels, there is always an encounter with a sensation that stands out, seduces us or questions us. It can come from an abbey, a building, a fountain, a color, a garden … At first it is unspeakable and suddenly it overwhelms us. Because behind this wall, these plants, this balcony or this theater, there is often an untold story. Sometimes we knew the story before and other times we were completely unaware of it. But each time, the magic worked. If the story that preceded the work, however modest or grandiose, was fascinating, astonishing or incredible, every fiber of our body and every beat of our heart knew it. 

HISTAMBAR* is the collection of these stories and “our” stories. A collection of atmospheres and architectures that we have visited and loved. A personal interpretation of our discoveries.  It is a journey through the men and women who often hid*e behind a facade, whom time has sometimes swept away but whose achievements have remained forever the witness of a vision, a passion, and sometimes even a madness. The fragile witness of humanity.

Claudia & Régis.

All texts by Claudia and photos by Régis (unless otherwise stated)

*HISTAMBAR means History of Ambience and Architecture